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HUB HelpDesk For Accessible Evacuation In Emergency Situations.

Collect. Verify. Share.

The SocialWorkHUB is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting inclusion through collecting, verifying, and sharing information where needed. Established 2015


In the heart of Vienna. 2000m2. For NGOs and Initiatives. Community at its finest.


We evacuate children and people with disabilities in emergency situations.


When we talk about accessibility, we talk about inclusion.


Promoting decent and affordable housing in Europe.


Raising awareness on inclusion, human rights and children’s rights.


Developing training and workshops to identify radicalization.

Ambulance Przemysl
Refugee Camp Poland 2022
train station poland crowd

About us

Connecting people around the world.

We identified a distinct lack of communication and accurate information exchange between civil society organizations and so discovered the need to inform, research, and verify needs and knowledge. Online and offline.

A HUB is a point where data, from one or more points, meet and dispatch in one or more directions. Think about the way an airport functions: An airport hub provides passengers with connecting flights, taking them from one location to another.
We’re not qualified to dispatch and land planes. We are, however, fully equipped to send up-to-date, essential information to its final destination.

As the World Bank states, „social inclusion is the process of improving the ability, opportunity, and worthiness of people, disadvantaged on the basis of their identity, to take part in society“. Inclusion, in relation to persons with disabilities, is defined as including individuals with disabilities in everyday activities and ensuring they have access to resources and opportunities in ways that are similar to their non-disabled peers. Even in crisis situations!

The HUB HelpDesk is defined as our „centralized team“ within our organization and uses technology to help us and our partners efficiently organize and manage the conversation.

austria_refugees_migration_crisis 2015

The highly committed team is running the diverse projects of the organization.

As an UN-accredited organization and registered organization at the European Parliament, the SociaalWorkHUB is regularly invited to international events, where our team promotes our values, and services, and represents community members. Together with our partners, collaborators, interns, and supporters, we intend to continue evolving and spreading the message of inclusion, equality, and accessibility.

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