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Volunteers storytelling event Feb23


You really should know that the impact you have is phenomenally important in the lives of people in need.

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THE EVENT | #TellYourStory | 24. February 2023

We see in The SocialWorkHUB event a platform that actually tells your stories! Only when we identify and verify the workspaces and fields of volunteering we as organisation can really benefit from your support, skills and kindness. It’s not just about war, catastrophes, displacement, refugees, human trafficking, exclusion of society. It is about you as an individual giving back to society. It’s about our human existence, response, humanity.

You want to do something and that something can be a little or a lot. But you have to do something. We know that there are many volunteers out there who support and assist also our work.

Only when you tell your story, people can listen.

At a special event we will discuss the importance of volunteers, their challenges, and achievements. A compelling mix of storytelling, knowledge exchange and community building. It invites us ringside during some of the most defining moments of the last year of Ukrainian War, when Fortress Europe again put on its human face. 

Friday, 24. February 2023
09:00 – 17:00 

House Panorama for students
Brigittenauer Lände 224
1200 Vienna
Find on Google Maps here 

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Why storytelling is so important for civil society and volunteers 


“Welcoming the Unwanted”
Experiences of welcoming the displaced Ukrainians and extend this welcome to other refugees and displaced people at a time when humanitarian crisis is growing worldwide: “Do not forget the others.”
Storytelling by Stanislaw Alwasiak, Momoha Iijima, Anna Suzuki 


“Saying NO”
The importance of saying NO as a volunteer is highly discussed and one of the major keys in being effective, passionate, supporting and assisting. Or not. “Is Saying No supporting more than saying Yes – or is it the opposite?”
A chitchat with Anna Landre & Zmary Gharwal and storytelling by Moeka Nakajima

Express Yourself #1

Your experience and opinion matters. Tell us your point of view. Don’t worry, you will be fine, be surprised how it works!


“Let’s get involved”
Thousands of volunteers around the world volunteer in their home or neighbour countries. What if volunteers get involved in a crisis 12.000 kilometers away from their home country?
“We ask somebody who volunteered together with 105 students from Japan at Polish/Ukrainian border for 6 months in 2022.”
Storytelling by Sayaka Sonobe, Rostyslav Charnovskyi 



“Why we support volunteers”
The Nippon Foundation is one of the biggest supporters when it comes to crisis situations in Japan. Floods and earthquakes are on their daily agenda. We their chairman and their CEO decided to support volunteers to the Ukrainian cause and why it is important to go to places, which are unsecure and not safe.
“You need to see and hear with your own eyes and ears to understand and make decisions. A travel report from Kharkov, Ukraine.”
Storytelling by Ichiro Kabasawa, Tetiana Topolian, Fuka Nagai

Express Yourself #2

Your experience and opinion matters. Tell us your point of view. Don’t worry, you will be fine, be surprised how it works!


“Listen up!”
Volunteers are one of the most diverse group of people in civil society. Gender, origin, ethical background, religion, color doesn’t exist anymore. A volunteer is a person giving time and skills to support, especially when people with disabilities and children are involved.
“Listen up, even if you cannot hear me!”
Storytelling by Chris Makenzie 

Lesson learned and Closing


#TellYourStory - Event Registration
Please be sure to register - number of participants is limited!
I give permission to take photographs and / or video before, during and after the event. I grant full rights to use the images resulting from the photography/video filming, and any reproductions or adaptations of the images for fundraising, publicity or other purposes to help achieve the SocialWorkHUB's aims.
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